Clothes maketh the man

The first thing we notice when we meet people is their appearance.

What are they wearing and does it suit them?

Yes, we also take note of their personality, but this only happens after we engage in some form of communication with them.

We look at their hair, skin condition, clothing and shoes. After that we look at their body. Do they look like they look healthy or are they on the larger side?

All of this we do in less than a millisecond of meeting them.

If it turns out they have dirty clothes and are wearing shoes that have visible holes in it, then we draw some sort of conclusion from that. Which could be they are not well off enough to buy any new clothes.

If they are on the larger side size wise we may want to recommend they go to the gym with some sort of protein shake. We may even recommend a protein powder like, topwheyproteinisolate for them to use while working out.

If we are brave enough to speak to them about their appearance and they gracious;y listen, our perception of them may change as we find out more about them.

They may end up being highly intelligent and clothing and footwear are things they are just not into and believe clothes and shoes are only needed to protect us from the elements. Being fashionable is not something that would cross their minds.

If the relationship grows into one where there is a healthy does of constructive criticism, then you could be asked more personal questions, such as why people do not talk to them unless they have to.

The answer to the would be simple. The clothes you wear, your hairstyle, your shoes and even you bag/wallet are all used to determine what sort of person you are.

If you wear well cut, clean, business casual attire, you would be thought of as successful. If you wear tired, old clothes with holes all over them, you would be thought of as poor or even destitute.

As the saying goes, clothes maketh the man, so if you want to come across as a successful person, you would need to dress appropriately for each situation you find yourself in.